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Nokia to Microsoft: Thanks for $7.2 Billion; We're Going to China With Android Now

After selling its handset business to Microsoft for $7.2 billion earlier this year, many people -- myself included -- thought Nokia was done with devices and would focus on its core business of network infrastructure. Well, it appears we were wrong. Although the company can't manufacture cell phones because of a condition of the sale, Nokia is going to release an Android tablet next year.
Nov 2014

Patch NOW! Microsoft slings emergency bug fix at Windows admins

Microsoft has released a security patch to squash a bug in Windows that hackers are exploiting to compromise whole networks of computers.
Nov 2014

Microsoft does it again, botches KB 2992611 SChannel patch

Last Tuesday's MS14-066 causes some servers to inexplicably hang, AWS or IIS to break, and Microsoft Access to roll over and play dead.
Nov 2014

Microsoft to world of .Net: We shall set you FREE across ALL PLATFORMS

Microsoft, fixin' to broaden the appeal of its .Net software development platform, has committed to delivering a new version of the toolset that is not only language agnostic but also cross-platform and entirely open source. As part of this process, Microsoft says it will make available versions of the .Net platform for Linux and OS X, effectively pitting it against Oracle's Java as a cross-platform software development solution for the first time.
Nov 2014

iPads, Chromebooks Are Winning the School Market

Solutions such as AirWatch's Teacher Tools and Google's Chromebook Management Console are fueling the adoption of Chromebooks and iPads in schools, leaving Microsoft behind.
Nov 2014

Microsoft holds back two security bulletins

As expected, Microsoft has published a large number of security bulletins in its November 2014 software update, but two less than indicated in the advance notice.  However, with 14 bulletins addressing nearly 40 individual vulnerabilities, the security update is nearly double the usual size and is bound to keep business IT systems administrators busy.
Nov 2014

Patch Windows boxes NOW unless you want to be owned by a web page or network packet

Microsoft has issued a batch of security fixes for Internet Explorer, Windows, and Office software all of which are vulnerable to hijacking from afar by spies, criminals and other miscreants.
Nov 2014

Microsoft Plans Biggest Security Patch of 2014

Patch Tuesday is usually a relatively staid affair: Microsoft releases a handful of fixes for its programs, people download them and security experts have a good laugh over what could have happened had the vulnerabilities remained unpatched. Tomorrow's (Nov. 11) Patch Tuesday is a little different, however: It's simply enormous, containing 16 patches, more than one-quarter of which could really save your machine.
Nov 2014

Microsoft 'loves' Linux? Then stop attacking open source

Like an abusive partner, Microsoft says it 'loves' Linux -- when what it means is that it desperately needs Linux.
Nov 2014

Microsoft now licensing Windows by the user, across multiple devices

Microsoft has changed the way it licences Windows so that it is now possible to buy licences on a per-user basis.  Explained here, the main effect of the new policy is that a single licence can now apply to different devices.
Nov 2014

Linux/Anti-Microsoft News
Windows V Linux

Microsoft's 'Get the Facts' campaign puts Windows ahead of Linux, but do these claims hold up under detailed analysis? I think not. 

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