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Microsoft offers trade-in credit to 'ditch your PS3' for an Xbox One

Microsoft is tempting PlayStation gamers to give up on Sony's 7-year-old system and upgrade to its next-generation hardware with an in-store credit to its retail locations.
Jan 2014

UK picks Open Document Format for all government files

The UK Government has decided that Open Document Format, the OpenOffice-derived file format, is the best choice for all government documents.
Jan 2014

Android holds steady as iOS and Windows Phone slip in Kantar reports

The closing months of 2013 saw Android gain ground on rivals in much of Europe and the US, as iOS and Windows Phone saw mixed results in the global market.
Jan 2014

Microsoft gobbles Gears of War to ensure it'll never appear on a PlayStation

Microsoft has announced the purchase of the hugely popular Gears of War games franchise from Epic Games, thus keeping it exclusive to the company's Xbox and Windows platforms.
Jan 2014

Google and Samsung sign global patent deal

Google and Samsung have signed a global patent cross-licensing agreement aimed at reducing "the potential for litigation" and enhancing innovation.
Jan 2014

Microsoft Slashes Windows Azure Pricing To Match Amazon

In an effort to match prices set by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft said last week it will lower the cost of Windows Azure storage. 
Jan 2014

Nokia sales plummet ahead of Microsoft takeover

Nokia’s improving Lumia shipments came to a halt during the fourth quarter, and that's bad news for Microsoft, which will soon take over the phone unit.
Jan 2014

Amazon's 'schizophrenic' open source selfishness scares off potential talent, say insiders

Amazon is one of the most technically influential companies operating today – but you wouldn't know it, thanks to a dearth of published research papers and negligible code contributions to the open-source projects it relies on.
Jan 2014

Microsoft reportedly paying YouTube personalities to promote Xbox One

Microsoft has reportedly partnered with Machinima to quietly pay the YouTube channel's video partners to promote the Xbox One. According to Ars Technica, Machinima's affiliates could get a $3 per CPM (or $3 for every 1,000 views) bonus if they included at least 30 seconds of Xbox One footage and mentioned the console by name in their videos. However, the deal is particularly unique in that video makers could not disclose the details of the agreement and payment, potentially violating FTC rules in the process.
Jan 2014

Microsoft Accused Of Buying Manufacturer Support For Windows Phone

Microsoft has allegedly paid big money to several leading mobile OEMs in order to secure support for its burgeoning Windows Phone 8 OS. In a Tweet, blogger Eldar Murtazin claimed that OEMs that were returning to work with Windows Phone this year would receive healthy recompense from Microsoft in exchange for their support.
Jan 2014

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