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Microsoft reissues botched Windows 8.1 Update KB 2919355

Microsoft announced, moments ago, that it has re-released Windows 8.1 Update -- note the capital "U" -- and the new version should avoid the error 80073712 plaguing so many customers. In one of the most polarizing missteps in recent Windows history, Microsoft released a faulty Windows 8.1 patch in the April Black Tuesday crop, then declared that Windows 8.1 users must install the patch before they would receive any additional Windows 8.1 patches. On top of a plethora of problems installing Windows 8.1 Update on Windows 8.1 machines, there were more problems specific to corporate installations running WSUS, Intune, and System Center Configuration Manager to keep client PCs patched.
May 2014

New secure OS will put Tails between NSA's legs

Secure Linux distribution Tails has reached the milestone of a version 1.0 release, after its developers crushed a laundry list of bugs.  The Debian-based operating system is a “live OS” - it boots from removable media rather than a hard disk. It also funnels all data through Tor and uses a smattering of cryptography and anonymising tools to help users circumvent censorship and lock out snoops and spooks.
May 2014

Microsoft Donates $1 Billion to Help Schools Buy Under-$300 PCs

President Barack Obama’s ConnectED initiative, which seeks to provide 99% of American students with high-speed Internet and improved educational technology, just got a big boost. Microsoft announced its plans to donate $1 billion as part of the ConnectED initiative to help schools purchase computers at steeply discounted rates. 
Apr 2014

Microsoft and partners unveil more affordable hardware for schools

Microsoft and hardware partners have announced new products at various price points for US public schools. The company has been working with the education system to bring Bing and safer searching to younger users. 
Apr 2014

To Compete With Google, Microsoft Makes Skype Group Chats Free

On Monday, the tech giant announced that it will offer free group video calls on Skype, its popular internet communications service. Previously, such calls were reserved for customers who paid for premium Skype accounts.  The move is yet another example of Microsoft forgoing immediate revenues in an effort to better compete in the modern world, where so many basic software tools and services are free, subsidized by online advertising or the sale of more specialized tools. 
Apr 2014

WONTFIX: Hackers seize Internet Explorer bug, no patch for Windows XP

Microsoft has warned of a new flaw in all available versions of its Internet Explorer web browser.  Vulnerability CVE-2014-1776, to give the problem its formal name, allows miscreants to hijack at-risk Windows computers.
Apr 2014

Don't use Internet Explorer, warns US government

The US Department of Homeland Security is advising citizens to use alternatives to Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser until the company fixes a security flaw that hackers have used to launch attacks.
Apr 2014

Microsoft: The MORE Surfaces it sells, the MORE money it loses

Microsoft Thursday trumpeted $494m in revenue made from sales of Surface during its third fiscal quarter.  But Microsoft also notched up $539m in costs associated with selling Surface, thereby cancelling out any profits and forcing it to post a loss of $45m for the three months to 31 March.
Apr 2014

Microsoft Wins In The Cloud, Suffers On PCs In New CEO's First Quarter

On one hand, Microsoft’s third quarter earnings beat Wall Street estimates: earnings per share registered at $0.68 vs. $0.63 estimated, and revenue hit $20.4 billion vs. $20.39 billion estimated. But those numbers represent a decline from a year ago. Sales fell 0.4%, while profit declined 6.5%.  What growth there was came from cloud services, like Office 365, where revenue grew over 100%, and Azure, which grew more than 150%. Bing US search grew market share too, reaching 18.6% and driving search advertising revenue up 38%.
Apr 2014

Microsoft unleashes ‘Bing in the Classroom’ ad-free search

The tech giant looks to get an A+ with the roll out of a student-friendly version of its search engine, which has zero ads, privacy controls, and filters that block adult content and ad targeting.
Apr 2014

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