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The latest rotten deeds of Microsoft may be found below, mixed within positive Linux and Open Source news.

The Surface Duo keeps getting cheaper. What does that mean for Microsoft’s mobile strategy?

Two months after the Surface Duo was released, fans spotted that the device could be bought for $200 less; the sale dropped to $699 last May, and now Microsoft’s futuristic flagship is selling for the same price as an ordinary smartphone, at $549. After much less than a year in the market, the successive price cuts are showing that the Surface Duo has been met with less enthusiasm from consumers than expected.

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Microsoft Teams security flaw left users defenseless against serious cyberattacks

A simple vulnerability in collaboration platform Microsoft Teams could have given attackers the keys to the kingdom, researchers have found. According to security company Tenable, although Microsoft has now remedied the situation, the vulnerability exposed all manner of sensitive information, from chat logs and email to files shared via OneDrive or SharePoint.

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Microsoft’s cloud boss says the company doesn’t want to compete with doctors

Thanks to its pending acquisition of Nuance Communications, Microsoft will soon have a suite of software tools that doctors use to automatically keep notes on meetings with patients.  But Microsoft isn’t interested in automating everything doctors do, said Scott Guthrie, the software company’s executive vice president for cloud and artificial intelligence.

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