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The latest rotten deeds of Microsoft may be found below, mixed within positive Linux and Open Source news.

Here is why Microsoft continues to add unpopular features to Windows

One explanation for the influx of features associated with Bing and Microsoft Edge is that Microsoft wants to increase usage of Edge, Bing and other Microsoft properties. Increased usage increases Microsoft’s revenue at the same time, as advertising revenue increases with usage. The features may also keep users in Microsoft’s ecosystem of services and applications longer.

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Surprise: There’s yet another Microsoft Linux distro, CBL-Delridge

Microsoft’s Linux Group has been fairly public about its work on a Microsoft-created Linux distribution that is for the company’s internal use only. That variant, known as CBL (Common Base Linux) Mariner, is used across a variety of Microsoft products, from the Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI to AKS HCI, Azure Percept, and more. But it turns out there’s another Microsoft-developed Linux distribution that’s also for internal use that’s known as CBL-Delridge or CBL-D.

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Windows admins frustrated by Quick Assist moving to Microsoft Store

Windows admins have been expressing their dismay at Microsoft’s decision to move the Quick Assist remote assistance tool to the Microsoft Store. The new version requires local admin privileges to be installed (something regular users don’t have on enterprise endpoints), removes support for the keyboard shortcut, and it installs next to the old, native version (which will get launched instead of the new one).

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