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Last updated on September 8th, 2018

The latest rotten deeds of Microsoft may be found below, mixed within positive Linux and Open Source news.

Partners Feel ‘Betrayed,’ ‘Taken Aback’ By Microsoft’s Direct Calls To Customers

A California MSP learned a lesson years ago when a software vendor tried to go direct with his end users. So when Microsoft demanded contact information for his customers, he gave them an email address that went directly to him instead. Earlier this week that email account, which was set up about 18 months ago in the hopes that it would not be used, received a message from a Microsoft business development specialist offering his customer “free training.” “That’s exactly what I would do if I was trying to steal someone else’s business,” said the MSP, who asked not to be named because he fears retribution from Microsoft for speaking out. “It’s just wrong. It’s just wrong. Plain and simple.”

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Windows 10 bug corrupts your hard drive on seeing this file’s icon

An unpatched zero-day in Microsoft Windows 10 allows attackers to corrupt an NTFS-formatted hard drive with a one-line command. In multiple tests by BleepingComputer, this one-liner can be delivered hidden inside a Windows shortcut file, a ZIP archive, batch files, or various other vectors to trigger hard drive errors that corrupt the filesystem index instantly.

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‘Teams Will Be as Big as the Internet’ – Microsoft CEO

The chief exec said that Teams is morphing beyond a communication tool and becoming an “organising layer” by acting as a hub for other Microsoft services. He claimed it is this ethos that’s building Teams into a platform that could rival internet browsers and operating system in terms of their importance to businesses – also likening it to WeChat in China.

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