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Why Microsoft is reportedly mandating its employees in China stop using Android phones for work

Microsoft reportedly decided to block employees from using Android devices to access its corporate platforms because Google’s mobile services, including its Google Play app store, are unavailable in China. That leaves Apple’s App Store as the only place for Microsoft employees in China to download and use the Microsoft Authenticator and Identity Pass apps.

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Microsoft backtracks: eventing framework removed from .NET 9.0 following complaints

Microsoft no longer plans to include a new eventing framework in .NET 9.0 – expected late this year – following complaints that it could damage the third-party ecosystem. When the proposed new feature was first announced by Microsoft, there were objections not only to the impact on these existing projects, but also that it reinforced the tendency for .NET to have a “single vendor monoculture,” in the words of Aaron Stannard, CEO and founder of a .NET services company.

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