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Aug 2017

Microsoft Mounts Its Defense of Surface Reliability

Microsoft has come out publicly against Consumer Reports, stating that it disagrees with the publication’s Surface reliability findings. But it doesn’t offer much in the way of evidence.  Ultimately, what we’re left with here is Microsoft doing what it must do, which is defending Surface. But this is also Microsoft offering no hard evidence that Consumer Reports was wrong to drop its recommendation of Surface.

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Aug 2017

Microsoft targets Google and Apple in schools with ‘Surface Plus’ hardware subscription program

Microsoft is launching a new subscription program for buying Surface computers and tablets in much the same way that many people now purchase smartphones, with no-interest financing for two years and the ability to upgrade to a new device before the term is up.  The push to boost Surface adoption comes amid declining sales of Microsoft hardware for the past three quarters.

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Jul 2017

Windows 10 is failing us

While Windows 10 is arguably successful from a market share perspective, it is still failing in one big way — the user experience. Windows 8.x was an absolute disaster, and Microsoft’s latest is certainly better than that, but it is still not an enjoyable experience. Quite frankly, the people clutching to Windows 7 aren’t so crazy.

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