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The latest rotten deeds of Microsoft may be found below, mixed within positive Linux and Open Source news.

Microsoft is repositioning Bing as a company search engine

While Google dwarfs the competition in search traffic, Bing is the underlying mechanism supporting search capabilities for applications like Outlook and Microsoft 365. So rather than trying to compete with Google directly, Microsoft is perhaps wisely shifting Bing from a general-purpose engine to one focused on catering to businesses. Companies will now have the ability to create private, internal search results on Bing, so their employees can save time searching for information. Microsoft is in a good position to do all of this. It has amassed large amounts of data from being connected to multiple services and apps that contain information—such as usage trends, meeting times, and team information—from Fortune 500 companies.

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Microsoft has big plans for its new Edge browser

The team also found that users often copy and paste content from Edge to Office products — so expect the company to do more in this area going forward. “We do a better job of integrating around collaboration with Microsoft Office properties who all have great web experiences. But, frankly, we need to meet them partway and help them do more. I’m excited for an opportunity of almost a relaunch of the Office web properties with the browser. There’s more innovative work we can do there.”

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Update Warning Issued For Millions Of Microsoft Windows 10 Users

Microsoft Windows 10 users, I feel for you. Following a run of frustrating, limiting, chaotic and quite bizarre update problems (and a whistleblower), one the worst updates in some time has struck again. Picked up by both TechDows and MSPoweruser, they are warning the KB4517389 update (which is already causing Start Menu, search and browser problems) is now causing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on some PCs as well.

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