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The latest rotten deeds of Microsoft may be found below, mixed within positive Linux and Open Source news.

Lenovo is Bringing Linux to ThinkPad, ThinkStation

In a surprising development, Lenovo announced today that it will offer Ubuntu Linux preinstalled on ThinkPad laptops and ThinkStation desktop PCs. Lenovo announced that it was bringing Linux to its workstation products in June, but this expansion brings the open-source platform to the firm’s mainstream business PCs. That said, Lenovo is targeting developers with this support, not traditional business users.

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Microsoft: These patches aim to make Linux run as root partition on Hyper-V

Microsoft has submitted a series of patches to Linux kernel developers requesting that Linux run as the root partition on the Hyper-V, its hypervisor software for running Windows and non-Windows instances on hardware. Microsoft “wants to create a complete virtualization stack with Linux and Microsoft Hypervisor”, according to Microsoft principle software engineer Wei Liu.

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Microsoft Blows Its Promise, Limits Xbox Series S Backward Compatibility

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S won’t offer the enhancements baked into the Xbox One X versions of a game. Instead, it’ll run the Xbox One S version. Microsoft has, in a single stroke, managed to ruin what was the best and most attractive part of its console policy, and the part that brought it into line with PCs — the promise of playing yesterday’s games at top quality for less money.

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Microsoft September 2020 Patch Tuesday fixes 129 vulnerabilities

Microsoft has published today its monthly batch of security updates, also known as Patch Tuesday. This month, the OS maker patched 129 vulnerabilities across 15 products, ranging from Windows to ASP.NET. Of note is that this month, of the 129 vulnerabilities, 32 were classified as remote code execution issues, which are bugs that permit attackers to exploit vulnerable applications remotely, over a network. Of these 32, 20 also received a severity classification of “critical,” the highest rating on Microsoft’s scale, making the 20 vulnerabilities some of the most important bugs patched across Microsoft products this month.

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