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The latest rotten deeds of Microsoft may be found below, mixed within positive Linux and Open Source news.

Microsoft debuts Windows Package Manager for your dev environment

It’s finally happening. Microsoft is giving developers a command line interface to install their favorite tools. That’s right — at Build 2020 today, Microsoft announced Windows Package Manager in preview. This is not simply about helping developers build for Windows. It’s about helping developers and businesses embrace Windows. Microsoft is on a mission to get developers to love using Windows over macOS and Linux.

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Huawei denies involvement in buggy Linux kernel patch proposal

Huawei denied on Monday having any official involvement in an insecure patch submitted to the Linux kernel project over the weekend; patch that introduced a “trivially exploitable” vulnerability. The buggy patch was submitted to the official Linux kernel project via its mailing list on Sunday. Named HKSP (Huawei Kernel Self Protection), the patch allegedly introduced a series of security-hardening options to the Linux kernel.

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Windows 10 Is Bleeding Users While Ubuntu Linux Enjoys An Astonishing Increase

Microsoft’s Windows 10 actually experienced a rare drop in market share (down to 56.08 percent in April from its March 2020 share of 57.34 percent). Meanwhile, popular Linux distribution Ubuntu enjoyed an explosive increase. How explosive? Ubuntu’s overall share of operating system usage ballooned from 0.27% in March to 1.89% in April. To put that in perspective, that’s an increase of 599 percent.

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Nervous, Adobe? It took 16 years, but open-source vector graphics editor Inkscape now works properly on macOS

Open-source, cross-platform vector drawing package Inkscape has reached its version 1.0 milestone after many years of development. Inkscape can be seen as an alternative to commercial products such as Adobe Illustrator or Serif Affinity Designer – though unlike Inkscape, neither of those run on Linux. The native format of Inkscape is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), the web standard.

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