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Mar 2018

Microsoft Patches 15 Critical Bugs in March Patch Tuesday Update

Microsoft patched 15 critical vulnerabilities this month as part of its March Patch Tuesday roundup of fixes. In all, the company issued 75 fixes, with 61 rated important. Products receiving the most urgent patches included Microsoft browsers and browser-related technologies such as the company’s JavaScript engine Chakra.

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Mar 2018

Microsoft admits Windows 10 S was confusing, new ‘S Mode’ upgrades will be free

Microsoft confirmed yesterday it plans to move Windows 10 S from a dedicated operating system to a special “S Mode” for versions of Windows 10. In a new blog post, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore admits that the original version of Windows 10 S, that locked a PC down to using just Windows Store apps, was confusing. “We have also heard feedback that the naming was a bit confusing for both customers and partners,” admits Befliore.

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Feb 2018

Microsoft just put another nail in the coffin for Windows phones

It’s no secret by now that Microsoft’s smartphone ambitions are basically over, with its current Windows 10 Mobile operating system barely on life support. So here’s another nail in the coffin. On Monday, Microsoft announced in a blog post that any phone running the older Windows Phone 7.5 or 8 operating systems will no longer receive push notifications. Plus, the “Find my phone” function on those operating systems will no longer work, either.

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