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Aug 2018

Microsoft Issues .NET Framework Fixes To Address July 10 Patch Problems

Microsoft on Friday indicated that Windows clusters running Service Fabric were adversely affected by July 10 Windows Server updates, but that patches are now available to address the problems.  Microsoft also disclosed on Friday that fixes to address problems with .NET Framework applications have been released. The .NET Framework was perhaps the last of Microsoft’s solutions to get updated to address software regressions introduced by Microsoft’s July 10 updates.

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Jul 2018

Microsoft boosts Office 2019 price by 10%

Microsoft plans to raise the price of its perpetually-licensed Office suite by 10% in October. The increases are part of a larger strategy, said Wes Miller, an analyst and licensing expert with Directions on Microsoft. “If you add all of these motions up, and look at other lightly-announced price increases, it clearly points towards encouraging customers that have avoided licensing Office 365, or now Microsoft 365, to…look again,” Miller tweeted.

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Jul 2018

Enterprise Windows 10 users, Microsoft has some ‘quality’ patches coming your way

Running Windows 10 in the enterprise? Took the advice of Microsoft when it said the April 2018 Update was ready for the big leagues? You probably want to install last night’s “quality improvements”. In what is starting to feel a little more frequent than it should, Microsoft pushed out a raft of fixes for the 1803 incarnation of Windows 10 (aka the April 2018 Update), marking the third such update in July and taking the build number to 17134.191.

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Jul 2018

We shall call him Mini-U – Ubuntu reveals tiny cloudy server

Canonical has released a new cut of Ubuntu it recommends for use in the cloud and containers. “Minimal Ubuntu” is based on either Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS. A Docker image of the latter weighs in at positively paltry 29MB, making it a highly efficient starting point for developers needing to rapidly shovel out containerised applications.

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Jun 2018

The 17 years since the Microsoft antitrust case taught us that regulation can spur innovation

It’s impossible to know exactly how the world would look if Microsoft’s power had not been curtailed, but we do know that today people have a buffet of browsers to choose from when using Windows. The companies that were able to grow in a more competitive tech ecosystem have created jobs and pushed the industry forward. And Microsoft, though not the dominant force it once was, is still the third-most valuable company in the world.

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