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The latest rotten deeds of Microsoft may be found below, mixed within positive Linux and Open Source news.

The future of farming could be based on Linux

The Linux Foundation has just launched an open source digital infrastructure project specifically designed to tackle the challenges of the global agriculture sector. The AgStack Foundation looks to promote collaboration among all key stakeholders in the global agriculture ecosystem, including private business, governments, and academia. It also hopes to build free and open digital infrastructure for data and applications tailored to enhance the efficiency of agriculture across the world.

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Windows Defender bug fills Windows 10 boot drive with thousands of files

A Windows Defender bug creates thousands of small files that waste gigabytes of storage space on Windows 10 hard drives. The bug started with Windows Defender antivirus engine 1.1.18100.5 and will cause the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History\Store folder to be filled up with thousands of files with names that appear to be MD5 hashes.

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Browser wars: Microsoft Edge is showing the first signs of weakness

Microsoft Edge, the company’s flagship web browser, has enjoyed rapid growth since it went live last year, but new figures suggest the service may have reached an abrupt plateau. According to data from Statcounter, Edge’s market share has dipped month-on-month for the first time, falling from 3.45% in March to 3.39% in April. The drop marks the end of a run of fourteen consecutive months of growth.

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