Updating A Religion

Last updated on August 4th, 2020

Evolutionists have said that as the vast majority of scientists believe in evolution it must be true, or at least it makes creation unlikely to be true. But does the belief of the majority make something true?

Many years ago everyone believed that the moon was a dry and dusty place, and that there was no water on it.  In 1961 some researchers suggested that there could be water on the moon, due to the slight presence of water in the rocks brought back from the moon by the Apollo mission; however, the presence of water was disregarded as erroneous – considered to be contamination – and therefore the consensus was that the moon was definitely dry.  It’s funny how often scientists disregard information because it doesn’t fit in with their theories.  I refer to this in more depth in my article on facts and evidence against evolution.

In 2009, NASA fired a rocket at the moon in order to sample particles from the blast.  There was undeniable evidence that water was present.  Now the general consensus is completely opposite to what it was before, confirming that the opinions of the majority are an unreliable way to determine whether something is true.

Scientists originally thought that there was no water on the moon, that new nerve cells in the brain could not be produced after birth, and that planets orbiting a star always travel in the same direction that the star rotates. All of these claims, held by all scientists to be 100% fact, have recently been proved false.

There is only one truth, and there can only be one truth. Whether or not you believe it is of no consequence: disbelief doesn’t make it any less true. Even if nobody at all believes the truth it cannot make it untrue.

In the same way, either one religion is true or none of them is true. If one religion is true then what is thought or said about it is not going to change it; and if anybody attempts to alter its rules they are really showing their disbelief.

If 99% of people decide to change the rules of a particular religion, and this religion is indeed the only true religion that offers eternal life, they are disobeying the original rules and doing nothing more than condemning themselves to damnation.